MTB Hectorspruit

Rules and Regulations



  1. Pre-entries only on the website
  2. Pre-entries close on the 28th October – no late entries
  3. Batching – will be done on a “first come fist seeded” basis.
  4. There will only be a certain amount of riders per distance per time. First come first serve on the entries.

Board Collections

  1. Board Collections will be done on

Friday 30th October 2020 @ Buffalo Hotel (Lapa) 16h00 – 20h00

Saturday 31th October 2020 @ Lien se Kleuternes from 05h30 -07h00

  1. Number board and batch sticker must be clearly displayed on the bike on arrival at the venue
  1. No spectators will be allowed into the start / finish venue. The Buffalo Hotel will be open for a waiting area.
  2. Please follow sign boards to the parking venues based on races and

batches in town. Will be ample in size and space.

Please follow signs and Marshall at the parking facility.

  1. Warm up and pre-race preparation to be done in the parking areas.

These will be side roads through surrounding fields marked for warm-up


  1. Covid temperature tests will be done before you enter the first batch.
  2. Do not leave the parking area more than 25 minutes prior to your


  1. Do not bring any personal items (bags / jackets / recovery drinks etc.) to the start area.

There will be no drop facilities etc.

  1. Masks will be worn in the parking area and right through until 1 minute prior to start.

Buffs may be suggested which can be worn and remain on the riders’ neck or around the wrist.

On arrival at the start venue

  1. Masks to be worn
  2. Riders will not be allowed to enter the start venue more than 20 minutes prior to the start of their race and batch time.

This will be strictly enforced and a sign positioned displaying which race & batches may enter the start area.

  1. You will be checked into the start venue with the required Covid checks and presents your temperature check.
  2. Once cleared into the venue proceed to the allocated “Waiting Batch area” which will be sign posted.
  3. On departure of the batch prior, the following batch will be called up after a 10min gap

Riders will not be allowed to proceed in mass and riders will be called individually by number into their allocated start


Start procedure

  1. Masks to be worn
  2. Riders will be waiting in their “waiting batch” until 10 minute after the previous start batch.
  3. Riders will be called individually by the starter from the waiting batch to the start line.
  4. The start will be divided into 4 boxes across (1.5m spacing apart) and 13 rows (2.0m spacing back).
  5. On arrival at the start line riders will line up on an allocated a start box position.
  6. Rider will be notified of time to start – 3 min – 1 min – 30sec – Start
  7. At 30 seconds to start riders may remove masks and place them in their pockets. Riders must keep their mask in case of any issues / stoppages /events during the race which may require them to wear masks. They will also need at the finish.
  8. Riders will be started on their allocated time.

Water points

  1. The 55km will have 2 water points and the 35km 1 water point.
  2. All riders are encouraged to be self-sufficient during the race and limit reliance on the water points.
  3. Water points will be manned by 3 persons will appropriate Covid PPE and pre-testing.
  4. Riders must collect their refreshments and depart the water point area. Riders may not wait or sit around in the water point.
  5. Water points may stop and hold back riders prior to entry if there is an excessive build-up of riders in the water point.
  6. There will be a bypass route for riders who choose not to enter or stop at the water point.


  1. Riders will enter the finish area on the race route and cross the finish line.
  2. On crossing the finish line the riders proceed to the “masks on zone” this will be approximately 30 metres after the finish.

At this point riders replace their masks which they removed just prior to the start.

  1. Riders will then proceed to the refreshment water point where they will get a refreshment.
  2. Riders will then exit the venue. Riders may not sit and wait in the finish venue. Riders must arrange to meet family and friends back at their cars not at the finish venue.
  3. Results will be posted online and sms’s sent to the riders.
  4. There will be no prize giving presentation for the event. Race results and recognition will be posted online.

Riders can query results and final results will only be finalised Monday 2nd November once riders have the opportunity to            query.


  1. CSA race rules will be applied to all racing aspects of the event.
  2. Start and finish rules will be applied as defined above.
  3. Additional Covid-19 regulations will be applied by the Covid-19 appointer event officer and according to SAPS requirements.
  4. Any breach of the Covid-19 regulations will result in the rider being requested to exit the event and disqualified from the results.
  5. Any rider not following Covid-19 regulations or guidelines may be excluded from entry to any future events held under Covid-19 regulations.